Monday, January 12, 2009

Tupperware Lady !

Totally excited, I've just signed up to be a Tupperware Distributor !

How does this relate to love or a wedding ??? I'm glad you asked.

I LOVE Tupperware, i love the colours, the plasticyness, the collectability and usefulness... and most of all I love the ability to Organise with it ! Organise your pantry. Organise your fridge. Organise your freezer.... in fact, organise your life with it ! I buy Tupperware regularly and decided that it was time to become a Distributor and be done with ordering though the middle man !

As we are paying for the majority of our WEDDING, we are saving money like nothing else. This means working more for me which means more and more and more repetition of the same old classes over and over and over again, which can get very boring very quickly. I am used to meeting new people and going into their homes, I am used to standing up and talking in front of people and I believe that Tupperware sells itself.... so I thought I would start a business where I go into people's homes and remind them what's available and help them to organise their kitchens.... and hey presto *make some money out of it*

Did I mention that I love organising???

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