Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lamb Chops

My dad was born in New Zealand but migrated to Australia to become a sheep farmer, go figure! So, when I was a kid, I grew up on a sheep farm... which meant that we often had lamb chops for dinner.... and by often I mean ALL the time ! So, as a youngster I really didn't like or appreciate the absolute deliciousness of lamb.

As an adult I have come to re-learn the joy of the humble lamb chop... and in fact, I think this would have to be one of my preferred meats to eat. I am also very partial to a lamb roast and having parents who still farm sheep, albeit these days they breed specific breeds and stud-lines to create the best tasting lamb, we get the occasional rack of lamb sent our way :-)

It amused me enormously to see Sam Kekovich in his Australia Day rant and telling us to all eat lamb... I love it ! Watch it and you'll totally understand what I'm getting at.

Happy Lamb Chop Munching !

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