Wednesday, January 7, 2009

6 months 'til I marry Mr (W)right

Today is exactly six months until "The Big Day"

Which means it's six months until I marry my Mr. Right and become Mrs. Wright. Yes, I am changing my name. I never really thought about it, but always just assumed that I would change my name when I married. When it came to it becoming a reality, I thought about what it means to me and also included D in the conversation.

I love my own surname and acknowledge that is the family that I come from and grew up in; my mother, father and siblings. It took me through school with some terrible nicknames and annoyance at people who had no idea how to spell it.... let alone pronounce it. With "The McClymonts" becoming a little better known in the Country/Pop music arena, the name doesn't seem so terrible and horribly mis-pronounceable anymore!

I love the concept of a "Family Name". When I grew up, everyone in one family had the one name, you belonged to that family... there was no confusion. I feel strongly that when I have a family I would like us to all share the same family name and that is another positive reason for me taking D's name. Traditionally, the wife takes the husband's name and I have no problem with that at all, however I do have married friends where the guy is going to take his wife's name as he always wanted to get rid of his - Hoare !

Hyphenating names? Well.... that can get difficult after a while, especially with a multi-syllable name or two... then a couple of people with hyphenated names get married and suddenly there are 4 names in your surname !!! Only really works if your name makes a fun word... I have friends who are King-George and I think that's pretty cool!

Taking the name of my husband, to me, is an honouring of us joining our selves and our future lives, moving forward together in the same direction. I have never liked the notion that joining two people together in marriage makes them one complete person, or that two halves make a whole. Rather, I like the idea that two people can stand next to each other and be stronger (and more supported) for having the other person at their side.

I was delightfully surprised to hear that D, who is sometimes quite anti-traditional, would like me to take his name when we marry... especially if we were going to have a family in the future.

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  1. The superb thing about your 'new' name is that you will be "A. Wright" and when anyone asks you what "A" stands for, you can say "Always".....

    UNIQUE!!! *clap clap clap*....brilliance at work right here.