Thursday, April 16, 2009

And getting Mother-of-the-Bride organised too and girl-time!

Today, we had a great day in the City with Mum and her neighbour who had caught the train down from North-Central Victoria for the day. It was a great time to spend all together. Mum - who rarely comes to Melbourne, my sister Fi - who is moving to the UK shortly and myself... the girls of the family. Catching up, chatting, connecting and enjoying being women in the city.

About 2 weeks ago Fi and I travelled up to North-Central Victoria for the day to take mum and dad shopping for their Mother- and Father-of-the-Bride outfits. It was a very successful day with them both getting fantastic outfits for our Black and White themed wedding. However, due to limited time we encouraged mum to come to Melbourne for the shoes and accessories.

Today we had another successful shopping trip, getting mum's shoes (the 3rd pair she tried on - $20 off at Sandler) and her bag (also $20 off!) and a new thing for mum - ear-rings! She doesn't have pierced ears and so doesn't wear earrings., however she couldn't walk past a gorgeous pair of clip-ons and Fi's favourite Jewelry shop, Jeeba (at Australia On Collins) We lunched at a gorgeous little Italian Bistro in the city and had a glass of wine and were rather "Sex and the City" !

Tonight, a dear friend took me out for dinner for my birthday - some more girl-time - at a gorgeous little restaurant called Oyster Little Bourke. What a fantastic night with chats, oysters, more chats, oyster shots (mini bloody Mary's with and oyster in a shot glass!) some more chats and giggles then delicious mains - Baramundi for Fi, Veal for Lani and I had the special - Blue Eye! Delicious! Followed up by some more chats and giggles and a chocolate liqueur affogato for dessert! Yum!

What a great way to top off a great day ! Lots of fun had by all!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oooh oooh ooh ... forgot to mention the photographer!

We have secured ourselves the most amazing photographer... Shazzah !

A dear friend who we love love love and who is stepping up into her passion of photography is going to be taking our happy snaps on the big day. And we couldn't be more thrilled to work with such and enthusiastic, hysterical and delightful person.

Now, we just need to see how good she is at hiding all of those chins and Fudubadas !!

Seriously, I am delighted that Shazzah is doing our photos as she is someone who we can feel comfortable with and I am sure ... being the happiest, smile-filled day of our lives ... will make us look great regardless of the chins and flabby arms.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wedding things are happening

Things are happening very quickly in the lead up to the wedding. In fact the last few days have been a marathon effort of wedding organisation combined with the delights of Easter socialising.

We have scouted out all of the City and Chadstone to find the girls' shoes, bags and wraps. Shoes and wraps were finally purchased today (at 20% and 25% off thanks to the sales), bags/clutches have been chosen and yet to be purchased. They have had their dresses since before Christmas, so it was just a matter of accessorising. Phew ! *wipes brow*

The boys have chosen their suits for the evening and been fitted etc.

We have decided on design, wording and creation of our Wedding Invitations. Purchased the materials and set about putting them all together this weekend. Between the creative genius of Tam, the cheerful determination of Fi and one semi-Bridezilla moment .... 20 hours or so of work and now we have the finished product.... perfect.... enveloped.... stamped.... posted today ! Yippee *raises arms in glee* (I will post a pic of the invites here after thems that are expecting them receive them in the mail.)

My dress and wrap are being made by my Mother-in-Law to be as we speak, already the bodice and toile have been made and fitted. The fabric for my gown has been purchased by my M-I-L2b on her recent trip to Vietnam (She got it at 10% of the price of similar fabrics in Australia). Today, we purchased the final piece of adornment that will top it off.... a piece of fabric I have been dreaming of for the last month or so since seeing it in Franke Stewart Fabrics on a fabric shopping expedition with Fi and M-I-L-2b.

Next for me is getting my shoes, having a make-up and hair trial and finalising our accommodation details. Also, finalising the flowers for the day. Next for D is finalising the honeymoon details.

Next for the girls is finalising the Hen's Night details and invitations; I have no idea what they have planned for me for the day and I am looking forward to the surprise. Boys are in a similar situation with D's Bucks Night activities!