Monday, February 23, 2009

Baby Showers - no, not a weather forecast

Yesterday, I attended my 2nd ever baby shower. However, this was the first of my close friends to be having a baby, whereas the other was an aquaintance who I didn't know especially well.

It is so exciting to have a close friend just about to have a baby, she is due in 4 weeks. It is a magical process to follow their journey through the early days of sickness and relative normalcy of their routines. To the "showing" part where it is really much more obvious that there is a baby growing inside... and those first flutters of movements growing into movements that the dad (or we) can feel from the outside. To today, where there is a bump that appears more baby-sized and that the little person who is inside might just be getting ready to make an appearance on the outside world and come to meet us all.

The wonder of the growth of a baby in the womb has been something that has awed and amazed me since I was 6-7 years old and my mum was pregnant with my little brother. And I'm sure it was there earlier than that growing up on a farm and being very much involved with the birthing of lambs and feeding of new babies (lambs) every spring! And being the chief babysitter for all of the ladies at the weekend tennis or netball matches - so they could enjoy their games knowing thier little ones were taken care of.

The amazement of the human body had me choose to study about the human biology and how it works at University and even take an Embryology elective - which taught me the intricate process of the formation of an embryo ---> fetus ---> baby from those original 2 cells that join together in the extraordinarily precious act of conception. Let me tell you, it is beyond words and sometimes beyond our capability to imagine how the act of procreation occurs... and that it occurs at all!

After University, I worked for Obstetricians for a number of years and fell in love with the beauty of meeting pregnant women and the delight of meeting that little person that grew inside them and came back to be showed off at their 6-week check up! I even went on to work in a research field in one of the biggest maternity hospitals in Melbourne and witnessed many births (natural and Caesarean) in the process.

Through all of these experiences, both good and not-so-good, I have unwaveringly "known" that I would always hold a high fascination for the creation of our offspring and be involved in this process, by either working in the field or participating in the conception-birth process myself. I look forward to the time in my life when I get to experience being pregnant and bringing a new little being into the world and assisting them along their journey.

This is why I LOVE having one of my very close friends going through this process under my nose. It excites me and reminds me of one of my great purposes in this lifetime. This is why it was such a great pleasure to celebrate this impending arrival with a "Baby Shower". To show her how supported she is, so that she will know that our energy, support and love will be with her always, through the birth and beyond.

What a beautiful afternoon we all created for her, with presents and food and lovely conversations and games... Did I mention lots of fun and laughter? The opportunity to be creative was there too - painting plain baby singlets with fabric paint for lingering gifts with personal touches, to be used with this baby and the next and possibly handed along to other friends with newborns too.

The energy in the room was so loving and nurturing and knowing that all the women there were in their own part of the female cycle was delightful - the single women, the women in relationships, the married and the soon-to-be-married, the mothers-to-be, the mothers and the grandmothers. It was just perfect in its simplicity and wonder.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Girl time (AKA Me time)

Today I had a wonderful girly relaxation with good girlfriends of mine. Some of whom I know very well and others who I would love to know very well, but don't yet.

We planned ahead to spend a delightful Sunday afternoon catching up, connecting and generally enjoying each other's (female) company. In fact, we are planning on doing this monthly or thereabouts with whoever is available on the day and I'm already looking forward to the next afternoon and the next and the next as our lives grow and expand (one of our next sessions will have a baby added to the mix!)

I think it is a really important part of our growth, our sanity and our society that we make time to spend time with the girls and be amongst other estrogen infused bodies. We all love the company of our lovely male partners, significant others and husbands but there is an amazing connection and nurturing that goes on when you have a group of girls all sitting around together.... watching movies.... painting toenails.... knitting.... laughing.... and of course, chatting !

Who could forget the chatting.... debriefing, sharing our knowledge, discussing issues of our worlds, our relationships, our friends, our homes, our families. Reassuring, encouraging, allowing and advising. What a lovely energy to breathe in an absorb for an afternoon; to nurture, to re-charge and to release.

I feel like I have filled so many of my love tanks by connecting with other women; my friendships tank, my fun tank, my relationships tank and even my self-love tank. (You can read more about love tanks in "How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have" by John Gray, the author of the Mars-Venus books.) It makes me feel fuller and more prepared to go out and face the next adventures of my life. It reminds me to thank the Universe and acknowledge myself for my female-ness and all the beauty, joy and love it brings with being it.

For the cuteness

For the cuteness:

And the love of long nights with your lover, which you never want to end.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dress Ups

Today, I took my little Entourage of gals to a gorgeous local bridal store. I bought along one of my bridesmaids (the other one was working), a friend, my Mother-in-law to be and Sister-in-law to be (both with lovely fashion & design sense).

We went in to try on a dress design I have been eyeing off for about the last 2 months, after seeing a gown in the window before Christmas. They specially couriered in a dress for me to try and I have finally decided on the style of dress that I want to wear on my big day.

I felt very special, loved and the centre of attention for the 15 minutes I was in the dress. It excited me to think that this is what I'll be wearing when I go from Miss to Mrs ! I'm looking forward to the dress being made and the fittings to come. I'm anticipating lots of fun, joy and excitement as it gets closer to completion and to The Big Day !